Thursday, 22 March 2007

Open Sessions

The open sessions enabled QCon attendees to set the agenda. The board contained time slot for which participants wrote a meeting they want to facilitate.
I chose to facilitate a meeting on "What to do with what we've learned, when we get home." A few attendees turned up and we use a method for making a decision as a team.
It was soon realised that the things that each person had learned, was individually important to them, but as we'd come to this conclusion together, this was fine.

For me, its about being patient, and allowing change to resonate, at its own pace through the business. SO my big learning, in terms of change, is to be patient. Now I just have to put it into practice !!!

SOoooo now I'm on the train on the way back, a few things bouncing round in my head. I'll make a plan I think during my recuperation about how I can put some things I have learned into action.

In the words of whoever it was that said it, "its been emotional."

Thanks to all.

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