Friday, 16 March 2007

Heartbeat Retrospectives to Amplify Team Effectiveness - Boris Gloger

6 Steps to facilitate more successful team learning.

Learning from the past for the future. Learning is about disappointment. We hate to be disappointed.
Disappointment provokes blaming, and stops learning.

How do we solve this paradox?

6 Step Process:

1. Security First - the Prime Directive
- "Regardless of what we discover, we truly believe that everyone did all they could,
given what they knew at the time, using the skills and resources they had to hand at the time." Kerth 2001

2. Collect (10 mins - 30 mins)
  • Draw timeline, and add stickies on the timeline.....
  • By putting it on the wall it is no longer your event, its a team event.
3. What went well?
  • Put stickies on the board.
  • Use it to raise the mood !!
4. What could be improved?
  • Stickies on the board.
  • Ask what needs to be done - people already know....
5. Who is in control?
  • Team?
  • Organisation?
  • Customer?
  • Use stickes to move events (what went well, what went wrong) into areas.
  • The leader needs to sort these out....
  • Team Backlog & Impediment Backlog - this is where these needs to be recorded.
  • Publish the backlog on the wall for all to see - "Every good SCRUM master gets fired!"
6. Output
- Put both lists in ascending order of importance, and there you have your input for the next planning sprint.

  • Use a dedicated room, not in the TEAM room - the environment must be secure.
  • Use retrospectives for building trust in a team.
  • Invite the team and everybody the team members invite.
  • You get thre trust from your team by doing things for them, and removing their backlog.
  • How does the company pay structure enable sharing/talking/communicating as opposed to arse covering/blaming?

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